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When we were presented the opportunity to open a restaurant at part of the old Sweet Tomatoes space in Pleasant Hill, my brothers and I thought the area could use a fun Mexican Cantina – a place with a great bar, delicious Mexican food, and amazing cocktails in an inviting patio setting. Since it was right across from Jack’s Restaurant and Bar and would reflect our passion for great food and service, we decided to name it Cantina Jack’s. [1]


To prepare for this new Mexican concept by three Greek Brothers who grew up in the East Bay, we plotted a four-month pilgrimage across Mexico to sample the timeless and innovative dishes being prepared in each of its beautiful regions. This trip would be instrumental in helping us craft the perfect menu for our Cantina. Then our wives reminded us we have young children with volleyball, softball, football, dance, parkour, Mathnasium and a parade of playdates that require a fleet of parental Uber Drivers. [2] 


Plus we had 5 other Jack’s to run. [3] 


So in lieu of travels and research, we hired Richard Frausto to help us put together the menu.  Richard’s parents hail from Tijuana, and he grew up in L.A. enjoying home-cooked Mexican meals prepared by his mom and sisters. [4] This led to his love of food and to a career in the culinary arts. A few years ago, he joined the team at Thomas Keller’s Mexican Restaurant, La Calenda.  Having sampled Richard’s creations, we brought him on board in the summer of 2023 to be the Chef of Cantina Jack’s. For the next several months, Richard would prepare a variety of Mexican dishes, and together with the brothers, refined each one until we could all agree that before us was the best representation of Enchiladas Verde, Al Pastor and Birria Tacos, Carnitas Burrito, Queso Fundido, etc. 


It wasn’t easy: three brothers with six opinions meant lots and lots of tastings. [5] One brother would think the Pico de Gallo didn’t have enough Pico, the other enough Gallo, while the third wondered when Ernest and Julio Gallo got into the salsa business. But over time, and with the assistance of our amazing Jack’s team, [6] we would converge on our favorite iteration of a dish to add to the menu. [7]


And we didn’t just spend all our time creating and fine-tuning the dishes we hope you’ll love. We also did the grueling and painstaking job of tasting cocktail, after cocktail, after cocktail so that you, our guests can enjoy Mexican Mixological Masterpieces that reflect hours of our personal sacrifice.[8]  We also had to taste a lot of wine and beer as well so we could bring you an enticing list of delicious international and domestic selections that will pair wonderfully with our Mexican cuisine.  


It wasn’t easy, but someone had to do it. 


We did all this because it is our hope that the combination of casa-made, deliciosa comida prepared with fresh ingredientes, paired with amazing bebidas, and served by the nicest gente around in an atractivo Downtown Plaza setting, will mean Jack’s isn’t just your favorito Restaurant and Bar, it’ll be your favorita Cantina too! [9]

Bienvenido a Casa!


David, John and Chris 


[1]  We also added ‘By Los Tres Griegos' to the name.   Tres Griegos means “Three Greeks.”  And if you’re wondering if it’s O.K. for three Greeks to open a Mexican Cantina, we remind you that In 1964, Anthony Quinn, born in Mexico, played the part of Zorba the Greek and was nominated for best Actor. We’d be happy with a high Yelp rating.

[2]  Modern Parenthood: part personal secretary, part chauffer, part Julie McCoy. 


[3]  Our newest restaurant having opened last year at the Westgate Shopping Center in San Jose.  Come say hello to the baby of the family.     


[4]  Full Disclosure:  Richard is a Dodger’s fan. We hope the delicious burritos and enchiladas will allow you to overlook this embarrassing character flaw.  


[5]  We did so many tastings, it would have been apt to change the restaurant name from Cantina Jack’s by Los Tres Griegos to Cantina Jack’s by Los Tres Gorditos. 


[6]  The weekly tastings seemed to have made it on everyone’s calendar. 


[7]  This usually occurred when someone would say ‘this tastes just like my abuelitas.’ 


[8]  Cantina Jack’s, by Los Tres Burachos. 


[9]  Eat your heart out Tony Quinn!       

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40 Crescent Drive | Suite C | Downtown Pleasant Hill

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